Friday, June 13, 2014

LAA National Photo Show:1st place winning piece: TRANSITIONAL MAJESTY, a KOKOWORLD Photo by Janet Koelling

TRANSITIONAL MAJESTY by Janet Koelling, 1st place, LAA National Photo Show. 
So titled because this image displays transitions of dark into light, night into day, Autumn into Winter. Here is an account of the experience around receiving this image:
Sun danced through clouds, painting a warm, alpen glow on Mt. Sneffels in the San Juan Mountain Range of Southwest Colorado. The frigid fall morning welcomed 8 inches of crystal, white snow. While awaitng another burst of magical sunlight, a nice looking, gray-haired cowboy approached me, kindly warning, "You know this is private property. Could you please move your truck?" I replied, "Sure. Are you the owner?" "No," he stammered, "I'm ....not the owner," as if not wanting to reveal too much. As we rolled back down the road, I pondered the resemblance of the cowboy to the owner of the ranch that surrounds this portion of God's country and wondered, "Would I stay in the cabin overlooking this paradise on the most beautiful night of the year, if I were Ralph Lauren?" More information here:

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