Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mercer Advisors Commercial Exhibit

KoKoWorld Photo Illuminates Mercer Advisors’ Boulder Branch Walls

Denver, CO — The Mercer Advisors offices in Boulder will take on a new look as selections from the KoKoWorld collection will illuminate the walls. Mercer selected KoKoWorld Photo because of the quality artistic expression that represents the Mercer character, energy, and clientele.

KoKoWorld Photo images have progressively captured the imagination and fascination of art buyers worldwide. Recognized for their photographic images that span travel locations around the globe, KokoWorld Photos encompass the areas of fine art, corporate commercial installations and assignments, stock, advertising and travel. The Colorado photographers and artists are committed to positively affecting the visual experience of the viewers. KoKoWorld Photo has found that fine art photographic prints can be a good company investment and may improve productivity of employees.

Koko photographer, Kerry Koepping describes the intent, “Through our photography, we deliver palettes of colors, textures, and images of life that stir a mood or creatively tell the visual story of a location.” Koko photographer, Janet Koelling explains, “In creating images in photography, we hope to communicate a feeling of awe and a sense of mystery about a moment in time and space.”

Mercer Senior Strategic Advisor Branch Manager, Chuck Breuch commented, “Since the opening of this branch nine months ago, we have been looking for appropriate art that represents our Boulder team and enhances our space.”
Seven unique pieces were selected to grace the Mercer Space representing scenic locations ranging from Southern Colorado to the Oregon coast.

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